Commercial Projects

Hotelbau - Landwehrstr. 56

Complete new expansion of the building and conversion into a hotel with 2 casinos and lounge



Redevelopment 2009 - Atlas Grand Hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Expansion of the breakfast room in the Hotel Atlas City with an annex with a new entrance area.



Refurbishment 2010 - Residential and commercial building or hotel - Old Customs House

Building with 7 floors. Is possible to use as a residential and business house or a hotel. As a residential and commercial building are depending on the size of the units about 35 to 70 modern apartments feasible.


Multi-Family House Projects

New 2011-2 Multi-Family Homes - Franz-Straße 10 Fihl

Construction of two apartment buildings with 19 and 13 residential units and underground parking


New 2011 - Multi-Family House - Grubmühlerfeldstraße 40, Gauting

New construction of a residential building with 14 residential units and underground parking.


New Residential and Commercial Building

New residential and commercial building with 20 residential units and 2 commercial units


Home Projects

Renovation of a residential building - Eversbuschstraße 39

Redevelopment of a listed residential building


Single-family houses - Valkyrie Road 28 - Germering

Beautiful ensemble with 4 semi-detached house in a Tuscan villa character and one detached house.


Twin House - Adalbert Stifter-Strasse 8 - Munich Grünwald

Luxurious semi-detached house in Munich Grünwald.